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Hermannstalstraße 138
A-6100 Seefeld

Haus Weiskopf

Klosterstrasse 295
A-6100 Seefeld

Family Beck

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Appartementhaus Rantnerhof Logo
Appartementhaus Rantnerhof Logo
  • Golfing in Seefeld Wildmoos
  • E-biking at the Wildsee in Seefeld
  • Nordic walking at the Wildsee in Seefeld
  • Hiking in Tyrol
  • Swimming and water slides in Sport & Kongresszentrum Seefeld

Summer holiday on Tyrol's high plateau Seefeld in Tyrol

Activities around Seefeld

Golf Courses

Improve your handicap. Seefeld offers everything that the golfing heart desires.

Here you can find all of surrounding golfing courses:


With the mountain bike, ride through the mountain world of Tyrol's high plateau. Perfectly designed mountain bike paths lead you directly to the huts.

Tour recommendation

Route: Scharnitz – Wiesenhof – Gleirschhütte – Karrenberg – Isarursprung – Kastenalm – und back

Average driving time: around 2 houres total
Altitude: 300 m
Lenght: 29 km in total
Condition: 80 % Gravel, 20 % Asphalt


Start at the dividing street in Scharnitz between dem Restaurant “Goldener Adler” and the Church. Follow the signs to “Karwendeltäler” and drive under a train bridge and pass two parking grounds for hikers. Always follow the Isar, which is very young, but sometimes already quite wild. Some river areas shine emerald green. After the “Haus Karwendelbrücke”, the street will increase . At the next fork leaf the asphalt-street and follow the foreststreet, always climbing up the valley, looking for the signs “Kastenalm”. Follow this very well maintained forest path with several steep climbs. You will pass again the origin from the river Isar and then after 75 minutes of driving time you will reach the Kastenalm. The way back is pure enjoyment, with mainly downhill paths

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is perfect for beginners and also for ambitious sports people.

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking (walking with special sticks) is a fun and relaxing all seasons workout which tries to unite the movement of skiing, walking, and jogging.

There is almost no other sport with such an effectiveness, and at the same time with a low risk, and can be done by almost anybody.

The gentle sporting activity is very easy on the joints and offers, with the usage of the stick, a great full body workout.

What stands for Nordic Walking?

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves your circulation
  • Is easy and quickly learned
  • Trains endurance and at the same time strengthens the upper body
  • Increases your metabolism (approximately 400 cal/hour)
  • Is 40% more effective than walking
  • Reduces the pressure on joints
  • Is independent of weather and time of the year
  • Lubricates stiff muscles and joints
  • Makes a good figure
… and it is fun! Try it!

For all who start Nordic walking, we offer a unique landscape and teach you the basic techniques as well as the movements and together we walk to a new feeling of life.

Swimming Halls

For a refreshing feeling and pure fun in summer, there are two public swimming halls and the lake in Seefeld and Mosern

Hiking Routes

650 km of hiking paths, multiple peaks and huts, welcome you to hike. There are also well prepared Rolli-hiking paths.

Here are some recommended hiking paths along beautiful views and huts through the natural park Karwendel.

Hiking in the  Karwendel
Hikingrecommendation to the Pleisenhütte and Pleisenspitze

Route: Scharnitz 964 m, Pleisenhütte 1757m. Pleisenspitze 2569 m
Elevation difference: to the Hut 800 Hm, to the peak 810 Hm
Walking time: Scharnitz – Pleisenhütte: 2,5 h, from there to the Pleisenspitze 2,5 h
Difficulty : to the Hut the hiking path is quite easy; to the peak it is high-alpin hiking with difficult areas. Good condition is requiert



Route: Seefeld / Seekirchl (Little Church on the Lake) – Hut Wildmoosalm – Hochmoos – Katzenkopf – Neuleutasch – Inn Gasthof Triendlsäge - Seefeld
Hiking Time:  3 ½ - 4 houres

Starting on the road Möserer Straße in front of the indoor tennis courts, your hike takes you through Kirchwald onto the Hörmannsweg path which, just before the Wildmoosalm, joins the road coming from the riding stables in Seefeld. Walk past the hut to the hut Ferienheim Wildmoos then take the turnoff to your right to the stunning viewpoint at Hochmoos. Keeping to the trail, climb down in a northerly direction to the Katzenkopf mountain restaurant. From there you can either go left and down to Leutasch-Platzl on the Wurzelsteig track or you can follow the Liftweg path to the intersection with the Wurzelsteig track which you follow after crossing the ski slope and toboggan track to your right, until it joins the path from Leutasch to Seefeld. The path runs parallel to the road in parts and takes you back to Seefeld via Neuleutasch and the Triendlsäge restaurant. There are other alternatives for returning to Seefeld, for example through the Fludertal valley back to the hut Wildmoosalm.


Route: Seefeld / Seekirchl – Mösern
Hiking Time: 2 ½ houres

After the Seekirchl church turn right, passing behind the indoor tennis courts and the sports stadium and into the woods. After walking about 1.5 kilometres along a short stretch parallel to the Möserer Straße road, turn right over the Birkenwiesen meadows to Mösern or to the Möserer See lake – walk around the lake. To go back, follow the road Möserer Straße a short distance then turn right after the little chapel through the Seewald woods, past the Olympic skijump back to the starting point.

Around the Gschwandtkopf

Route: Seefeld / Talstation der Gschwandtkopflifte – Möserer Steig – Auland
Hiking time:  2 ½ houres

Walk past the Olympic ski-jump along the edge of the woods towards Mösern, over the Möserersteig track to the hamlet of Auland and via the meadows Auländer Mähder and the lakeside promenade back to the village.